Township Board Members
Tom Backers – Supervisor
Melinda Booy – Clerk   Margret Spann, Deputy Clerk
JoAnne Childs – Treasurer   Sylvia Stroh, Deputy Treasurer
Greg Bradley – Trustee

Albert Keyes – Trustee

Township Office – Monday – Thursday, 10 AM to 2 PM, or by appointment
Street Address: 5440 River St. Rapid City, MI 49676
Mailing Address: PO Box 1, Rapid City, MI 49676
Phone: 231-331-6249
Fax: 231-331-4375

Other Staff and Committee Chairs
Truman Bicum – County Commissioner
Zoning Administrator    231-331-4500
Dawn Kuhns – Assessor     231-409-1827
Kristi Spencer-Nemec – Parks and Rec
Len Von See – Planning Commission Chairperson
Lucy Gerlach – Zoning Board of Appeals Chairperson
Jule Moore – Board of Review Chairperson
Fire Chief    231-330-4127

Greg Bradley – Assistant Fire Chief     231-571-2240
John Bielski – Maintenance Supervisor     231-357-8252
As of the Township Board Meeting 11.04.2021, the appointed FOIA Coordinator is the Clearwater Township Clerks’ office.
All FOIA requests must be received by email:, PO Box 1, Rapid City, MI 49676
or bring in person to: 5440 River Street Rapid City, MI 49676

Fire Station 5
Address:  8255 Garfield St NW, Rapid City, Michigan 49676

Phone: 231-322-2137