Property Tax Information

Look up your own property taxes FREE on this link, charges will apply for looking up property taxes that are not your own.

Contact Tax Department If you need to contact someone in the tax department, please email

Property Tax payments can be made in person at the Township Hall, placed in the indoor or outdoor LOCKED Drop Boxes at the Township Hall or by mail to PO Box 68, Rapid City, MI 49676.  Make checks out to “Clearwater Township” ; if paying cash, please bring the exact amount owed.  Clearwater Township does not accept credit card payments.

Paid Receipts can be obtained by including a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment.  If payment is made in person, we ask that you bring in your entire tax statement and we will stamp the bill paid.

If you escrow, the original tax statement is always mailed to the property owner for your records.  Each tax cycle the mortgage holder requests the tax amount due to the township in order to pay from your escrowed funds.  If we receive the mortgage holder request before we process the tax bills, it will be noted that a copy of your tax statement has been sent to your mortgage provider.

Summer Taxes are due beginning July 1st and payable through September 14, 2021 without penalty or interest.  September 15th through September 30th a 1% interest will be assessed.  An additional 1% will be added to the unpaid balance on the first day of each month until paid in full.  After February 14th a 3% late penalty will be added.  As of March 1st all unpaid taxes are turned over to Kalkaska County for collection. 

Deferment of Summer Taxes:  Summer taxes can be deferred without penalty or interest until February 16th for principle residence of any taxpayer who is a senior citizen of 62 years or older or totally and permanently disabled or paraplegic, hemiplegic, or quadriplegic, or eligible service person, eligible veteran, eligible widow/widower, or blind person or any taxpayer otherwise eligible whose household income does not exceed $40,000 per year, or agricultural real property.  Applications for deferment are available at the Township Office.  Applications must be returned by September 14th each year.

Winter Taxes are due beginning December 1st and are payable through February 14, 2022 without penalty or interest. 

Delinquent Taxes:  All unpaid taxes become delinquent on March 1st.  Payoff amounts must be obtained by calling 231-258-3310 and are only payable to Kalkaska County Treasurer.  Contact information can be found here:  Kalkaska County Treasurer