Rapid City and Clearwater Township, Gateway to the Chain of Lakes

Clearwater Township, located in the northwest quadrant of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, occupies an area of extraordinarily beautiful topography and is known regionally as the “Gateway to the Chain of Lakes.” Traversed by the Rapid River, bounded on the north by Torch Lake and on the west by the Torch River and Lake Skegemog, the Township is advantageously positioned along the major waterways of The Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed.  This watershed drains fourteen lakes, and their interconnecting rivers, in a 500 square mile area of land across Antrim, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse and Kalkaska Counties. The waters of this watershed finally reach the mouth of Elk River in Elk Rapids, where they flow into the Grand Traverse Bay and join Lake Michigan. 

Reflecting the important presence of these waterways in Clearwater Township, approximately one quarter of the Township’s land area is devoted to public recreational uses such as hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, and camping in the summer and hunting, snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, and cross-country skiing in the winter in the Township’s forests, conservation areas, rivers, lakes and streams.


CLEARWATER TOWNSHIP Constable Committee September 14th
Constable Committee

The Clearwater Township Constable Committee
will meet Wednesday, September 14th,
at 7 pm at the Community Center 5407 River St. NW.
To research more accurate information required for
costs and revenues generated by the establishment of a
Township law enforcement under Township jurisdiction.
We urge residents to participate in this process.
John West, Chair.

Approved Budget 2022/2023

Official certification has been received from the Michigan Secretary of State that the Township of Clearwater has a population of 2000 or more according to the most recent United States census and is therefore eligible to be incorporated as a charter township under the provisions of section 3a of the Charter Township Act, 1947 PA 359 (MCL 42.3a).
The township board has the right to exercise one of three options concerning status as a charter township, as follows:
1. Adopt by majority vote a resolution opposed to incorporation as a charter township;
2. Adopt by majority vote a resolution of intent to approve incorporation as a charter township;
3. Adopt by majority vote a resolution to place before the electorate at the next regular or special township election the question of incorporation as a charter township. In the event option 2 is adopted by the township board, the citizens of the township have the right to file a “Right to Referendum Petition”. This petition must be filed within the 60 days which must lapse between the passage of a resolution of the “intent to incorporate” and final passage of the “resolution to incorporate” as a charter township.
The petition shall follow, in general form, the nominating petition form as prescribed in the Michigan Election Law, and in the heading will indicate “Disagreement of Intent to Incorporate as a Charter Township”. The petition must be signed by not less than 10% of the registered voters of the township based on the vote cast for all candidates for supervisor at the last election at which the supervisor was elected.
If the petition is successful, the question of incorporation will be placed on the ballot at the
next general or special election.
Tom Backers

Request for Proposal Cemetery Fencing

Clearwater Township is seeking bid proposals for purchase and construction of a split rail cedar fence at the Clearwater Township Cemetery. Contractor is responsible for providing all materials and labor for the installation of approximately 1,200 linear feet of two rail, 10 foot sections of cedar split rail fence along the northern side of the cemetery property line. Site visit required. For appointment to inspect the site, contact the Supervisor at: supervisor@clearwatertwp.com or 231-709-0474. Bids will be presented at the September meeting of the Township Board.
Mail bids to: Clearwater Clerk PO Box 1, Rapid City, MI 49676; or deliver to the Township Hall, or email quote to: Supervisor@clearwatertwp.com

Notices to Dog Owners
Notice to Residents

It has recently come to our attention that many dogs in northern Michigan are coming down with a Parvo-like illness that has killed several dogs. This was first discovered in Clare County. The state and federal governments are investigating. After speaking with a local veterinarian, it was suggested to have your dogs boosted for Parvovirus, as well as keep them away from other dogs and where dogs congregate for their safety. That includes places where dogs are allowed in stores. Here is a link for the full story. Click here to view the full story.

August 23 minutes with attachments
Clearwater Township Board Meeting
Supervisor Tom Backers
Clerk Melinda Booy, Treasurer JoAnne Childs
Trustee Greg Bradley, Trustee Albert Keyes
Public Hearing August 23, 2022

Call to Order: 7:01 p.m.
Roll Call and Visitor recognition: Board members present: Tom Backers, Greg Bradley, Albert Keyes.
Absent: Melinda Booy, JoAnne Childs,
Public: Jim Leffew, Margret Spann
Disclosure of Conflict: None
Approval of Agenda: Discussion of Cemetery fencing deleted from agenda. All in favor.
Jim Leffew: Reminded the Chair a vote was required on the amended agenda. Vote was unanimous to approve as amended.
Public Hearing procedure: Chair read into the minutes the Planning Commission hearing procedure, as none was formally adopted for the Township Board. Motion to officially adopt the hearing procedure (attached) as Township Board policy: Motion: Backers, Second: Bradley. All voted in favor.
7:06 Chair opens the hearing on the use of Capital Improvement funds for the execution of the soundproofing contract for the Township Hall (gym).
-Chair read the appropriate section of Resolution 7 of 2021, (Capital Improvement Fund, Section 4).
-Asked for public comment in support, Mr. Leffew, Ms. Spann both in favor.
-Asked for public comment in opposition, none.
7:11 Chair closed the public hearing.
Motion by Trustee Bradley to authorize the gym soundproofing contract to be charged against the
Capital Improvement fund. Second, Backers.
-Roll call vote: Unanimous
There being no further business on the agenda, the Chair moved to adjourn.
Adjourned at 7:16
Next regular meeting, September 15th, 2022
Tom Backers, Supervisor.
Public Hearings Protocol
Resolution 7 of 2021
September 16, 2021 Public Hearing Minutes
Sound Environments Contract

Sept 10th Special Meeting

The Clearwater Township Board will hold a
special meeting on Saturday, September 10th,
at 10:30 am at the Community Center.
The purpose of this meeting is to conduct
interviews for the position of Office Administrator.
This hiring will begin the process of reorganizing
and digitizing the Township records.
No other business will be conducted at this
The meeting is open to the public.
Tom Backers, Supervisor
Clearwater Township

Constable Committee Information
Constable Committee Information

The Clearwater Township Constable Committee has been added to the Township website under the “Government” menu.

To locate the meeting minutes and notes, Michigan law references, standards, and other pertinent documents, use this drop-down menu and go to: Constable Committee and select either extension.

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